The people have spoken. @ComplexMag Man of the Year for 2013 is…

Mac Miller.

Congrats Mac.  And congrats to all your fans who overwhelmingly (by larger orders of magnitude) supported you for Complex’s first ever “people choice” award.  

I am Eager to deliver the @FiskerAuto Trophy in person.

Here’s a toast to all the nominee’s over the last month or so, to them and their fans… keep delighting us in 2013 and beyond! Respect!!!!!!



Roll Call 2013!!!!!

Childish Gambino @DonaldGlover 

Danny Brown @XDannyXBrownX 

Mac Miller @MacMiller 

Big Sean @BigSean
Action Bronson @ActionBronson 
Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne (@alldaydaoyi, @byMaxwell) 

Mark McNairy @mmcnairy  

Aaron Levine @aaronplevine  
Paul Mittleman @paulmittleman   

Tim Coppins @TimCoppens 
Henry Cavill @HenryCavill 

Daniel Tosh @DanielTosh 

Nicholas Hoult @NicholasHoulth 


BJ Betts @BJBetts  
Kahlil Joseph

Patrick Martinez   

Jonathan Levine @JLeVineGallery 
Anthony Davis 

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